Power !

Fusion !

Two amazing words, but what is the connection ?

Power means different things to different people, depending on the context in which it used. But, in this context, we see power as the ability to to do something in a particular way, ability to direct or influence the behavior of others or events.

Fusion is not complicated in meaning as Power. It mainly captures two things coming together to make one. As an example, two light atoms bonding together to make a heavier one. Imagine when you have these two together – Power Fusion. This is what EYC is bringing you this season under the shadow of a fashion collection that absorbs our struggles, strength, fierce and the light that shines bright at the end of the tunnel.

Although with its challenges, 2020 has been a powerful year. We have learnt to change a narrative and adapt a new norm.

The EYC Power Fusion collection is beyond appearance, it is an attitude, experience and also, a spirit within each of us. It captures the power our dressing wields. Your appearance can influence a positive situation or bring the best out of an environment. What more, it can land you that deal you have been chasing! The EYC Power Fusion collection is here to ensure your appearance is fierce, powerful, exquisite, executive and EXCLUSIVE!!The combination of EYCMAN & EYCWOMAN is going the extra mile to create an experience for you while looking exclusive!

Let’s make you experience the power in an exclusive look!

Male Models: @yemmieeyc @chisoluoflagos @iamreckon

Female Models: @thedabigal @bisola_olojo @_thebambi @omobolanle_o

Female stylist: @themodasprimeMakeup : @facesbykikky

Photography: @reckonstudios

Cinematographer: @moe_icing @naffbeatz

Fashion assistants: @unfollowmiji @llanrey

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